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We are pleased to introduce a qualitatively new wireless system Smart House available to everyone.

We have removed the wire, reduced the price (from $ 149), reduced installation time (15 minutes), increased interactivity, and now monitoring power in real time, and control of devices from anywhere in the world takes less than 1 second.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.

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We understand that the opportunities and installation of the system can hide a lot of questions

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Wireless Smart Home

Learning how to save money: calculating how much it costs to operate each appliance per month

It has been three months since Ukrainians started paying for electricity according to the new tariff rates. For the consumption of up to 100 kW of electricity the fee is 36.6 cents per 1 kW / h, if the consumption exceeds 100 kW, the fee is 63 cents. If monthly energy consumption is more than 600 kW / hour, the pay for 1 kW / h comes to 140.7 cents.

Have you ever wondered what you are paying for and what appliances account for the most part of your electricity expenses? Is it reasonable to have your laptop or cell phone charging all night?


If you work at the desktop for the whole day, you will have to pay 40 hryvnia per month.

This is what an average house with operating appliances looks like:


If you add everything up you will get a rather big electricity bill per month. That's why from now on it's your decision what exactly to pay for. 

For example: a typical apartment has a water heater (most of the apartment buildings in Dnipropetrovsk don't have hot water), a computer, a washing machine, a hair-drier, a microwave oven, a TV-set, a mobile phone, an iron, a vacuum cleaner, a fridge and an energy-saving light bulb. An average electricity come to 250 hryvnia a month.


You can calculate your apartment's monthly energy consumption using online energy consumption calculator.