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We are pleased to introduce a qualitatively new wireless system Smart House available to everyone.

We have removed the wire, reduced the price (from $ 149), reduced installation time (15 minutes), increased interactivity, and now monitoring power in real time, and control of devices from anywhere in the world takes less than 1 second.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.

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We understand that the opportunities and installation of the system can hide a lot of questions

If you have any questions about the system plugmee we will be happy to answer them.

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Wireless Smart Home
  • Control and monitor your home/office remotely by smartphone

    Autoset your rooms to save money!
    Set automatic timers to turn on/off lights and appliances!

  • Develop the best strategy to cut down your energy bill!

    Plugmee sends Notifications informing you of overuse, expenditure forecasting,
    and provides a detailed consumption report every month!

  • Home Security (24/7)

    Feel secure in or out of the house with Plugmee!
    Check up on your house instantly with Plugmee’s video features!


Remote control sockets, lights


Records of energy consumption, forecast of expenses


Security alarm, video surveillance

User friendly and powerful home automation system

Maxim Tkachenko | CEO SpaceHub

How it works?

Select one of the Wireless Smart Home Kit, install it and our servers will collect all data from your home or control your home with computer or a mobile application Plugmee.
Work quickly, flexibly and cheaply!

Choose your Smart Home Kit


up to 30% of energy consumption

projection of expenses

setting the limit

notification of excess



electrical appliances

hot-water boiler



motion sensors

control of windows/doors

videorecording and screenshot

instant notification

  • Wireless multipurpose Sensor 7 in 1


    Easy access to system features


    Measurement of humidity levels in the room.
    Data stats

    Energy consumption

    Display of current energy consumption. Analytics. Forecast


    Recognition and reaction to audio commands


    Online display of temperature. Level control.
    Temperature maintenance


    Movement restriction up to 12 m, vision angle - 120°


    Switching on/off the lights.
    Illumination level control

  • Wireless socket 3500W

    Easy setup

    Install into the socket


    16 mln of codes to control the socket


    Compatible with appliances of up to 3500W


    Monitors operation

  • Hub


    Wireless 2-way connection: receives data from the sensor, transmits commands to the socket


    Data transfer and storage on the secure server


    Does not require adjustments. Automatically connects to the server


    Continuous communication with cloud-server. Keep alive connection.

Easy Installation
(Technology Plug & Play)

Plug the Ethernet cord into the controller

Set up wireless multipurpose sensor, socket, camera

Install the app on your smartphone

One system - a solution to many problems

of energy consumption
of temperature/humidity
Climate control
Remote control
of appliances up to 3500W
Development of Smart home scenarios
Control of utilities.
Monthly report
Security alarm system
of a house/appartment/office
Online video surveillance,
motion recording
push / sms / email

Do you want to know more?

Please call us or email:

+380 (63) 4397-835

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Plugmee - remote control 24/7

Access from a smartphone or a PC
Unique functionality for safety and comfort

Do you know how much energy is consumed
by your home appliances?

With Smart home Plugmee you will:
- Reduce your energy consumption by 30%
- Create a limit of energy consumption
- Get a monthly report on your smartphone

It's time to find out,
how much energy is consumed by each device

2 hrn/mo. 6 hrn/mo. 8 hrn/mo. 11 hrn/mo. 26 hrn/mo. 60 hrn/mo. 130 hrn/mo.
5 W 1800 W 2000 W 2200 W 1200 W 135 W 2500 W

Development of scenarios

Scheduled time
Things that used to be done by you, will now be done by a unique system Plugmee. Set the time to switch on/off the lights and water the lawn outside.

Is your air temperature inside lower than it should be? Set the function of automatic switch on of the heater before you get home.

After you create a set of rules you can manage them remotely.You will get an alert on your phone or email if something out of the ordinary happens.

Available notification means


Get instant notifications with a photo though the Plugmee app


Receive short text messages, being hundreds and thousands of km from home


Receive e-mails with detailed analytical reports at the end of the month

Open API

Quick Start.REST architecture.
Create your own devices and applications.
Manage them by Plugmee service.

Full-scale software development

We have been in software development business since 2007.
We constantly expand functionality and find advanced technical solutions.

Have our own manufacture of electronics

We conduct manufacture from the development of the prototype and functionality to the finished product on the territory of Ukraine.