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We are pleased to introduce a qualitatively new wireless system Smart House available to everyone.

We have removed the wire, reduced the price (from $ 149), reduced installation time (15 minutes), increased interactivity, and now monitoring power in real time, and control of devices from anywhere in the world takes less than 1 second.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.

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We understand that the opportunities and installation of the system can hide a lot of questions

If you have any questions about the system plugmee we will be happy to answer them.

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Wireless Smart Home

Plugmee Home Security Kit

Цена: 349$


Smart home Security Kit provides constant monitoring of your house. The system allows you to control movement in the room, opening of windows and doors. In case of intrusion the system will instantly notify you on your mobile phone via push-notification or SMS. IP-camera will record the movement and send the video to your smartphone.


You can:

  • Automatically turn on / off light at a given time or a certain time period.
  • Automatically turn on / off the light in the presence or absence of movement in the room
  • Create a "presence effect" when you are not home
  • Automatically set security alarm
  • Monitor the condition of the apartment (make sure doors/windows are closed, motion control).
  • Receive an alert on your mobile phone (push-notification, SMS, e-mail) in case of emergency
  • Have a local siren activated.



  • Controller: basic unit, acts as a gateway between devices and mobile applications.
  • Multisensor: includes a temperature sensor, humidity, light, motion and sensor power.
  • Sockets: operate on the principle of switching on and off. You can manage a site, application, or special remote control that comes in the kit.
  • Siren: loud sound and bright light goes off in case of intrusion



The hub is powered by a 5V power unit that is connected to the 220W electric network. 

Wireless multipurpose sensor has built-in 4 AA batteries. 


The kit consists of:

  • Hub - 1 pce.
  • Multipurpose Sensor - 1 pce.
  • Wireless socket - 2 pcs.
  • Motion sensor - 1 pce.
  • Temperature and humidity sensor - 1 pce.
  • Open door/window sensor - 1 pce.
  • IP-camera - 1 pce.



  • For inside use only
  • Batteries, Ethernet cord, power-unit
  • One-year warranty
  • Requires a smartphone with iOS 7.0, Android 4.0